Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interview: XO x ALL OUR NOISE

New Darren Hanible single AND Mixtape information

What's up every one. My name is Darren Hanible for those of you who may not have heard of me yet. Today I am contacting you with great news. After a lot of work we are now on the horizon of releasing my new mixtape "Bliss". The foundation for all of the tracks on this mixtape, is Daft Punk songs. I decided to find an ultimate crossover factor, and being a huge Daft Punk fan what better way to appeal to masses than with this mixtape. This tape is entitled "Bliss" because it is all feel good music. Things that we all enjoy on a daily basis. Songs about everyday situations, and the joy we find in them. I am releasing the first single today titled, "Mite Not Be". I want everyone to listen to this track and hopefully you can really catch the vibe we are trying to get out with this mixtape.


E One Letter ft. MLG - My Year

New Music: PHZ-Sicks - Make Em Envy ft. Marky & KingPen Slim

FROM PHZ-Sicks::

This is an upcoming track off my mixtape "Less Than Zero" dropping 10.01 09 and sponsored by Hip Hop Update X 9ine.3hree.4our Clothing X Candice Nicole In The City. The concept mixtape follows PHZ-Sicks through the ups and downs of the industry, relationships, and life in general. It features production from Best Kept Secret, XV, Melo-X, Black Milk and others with features from Lyriciss, Lady A, Young Scolla, Megan D., Suzi Analogue and others.


Obii Say & Sinitus Tempo-"K"iller Notebook

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